A Case Study

We were hired by a

non-profit organization

to look at their process of data-entry. When we arrived we grabbed a seat and watched them work. Instantly we were struck with how time consuming their process was. We asked about the software they were using and were given programming access to see if we could make a few necessary changes to expedite the process. There was absolutely nothing we could do. The system was hard-wired. Entering the data for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week it took approximately 3 weeks to complete.

The Solution

After studying the problem we presented them with an

online solution

that was completely separate from their software but worked in conjunction with it. Rather than typing, cutting, pasting and editing the same information, over and over again, we developed a form with the information pre-entered. All the employee had to do now was click on a series of radio buttons and the form was auto-filled, exported to pdf and attached to their existing applications. The time it took was slashed from 3 weeks to 1-2 days. Our system even acted as a back-up in the event that their program crashed and they lost a day's entries, which happened once while we were there. Their data was also automatically quantified, with pie-charts and graphs which they could export and print, through no extra effort of their own.

This is just one scenario, limited to data-entry. There are


to any problem areas that exist within your organization. You are not limited to the software that you have to use. Contact us for a free consultation.