Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Lisa Spykers is a travelling musician that we had the pleasure of meeting on one of her stops. Her site is fully responsive, fully updatable and features updatable multimedia embedding, a sticky top bar, parallax header images and some keen bells and whistles.
Eva Mazzei needed a new website with a simple shopping cart to help her clients. She gave us full creative control so we pulled out all the stops; her website features fully updatable content with a sticky top bar, a self-adjusting logo, parallax header images and a clean, dynamic e-commerce solution.
Paula Spurr is an actor hailing from Vancouver, BC, Canada. She recently won the award for "Best Actress" for her starring role in the creepy independent film, "Mine". The emphasis for this site was keeping it "simple and clean", functioning as a basic, printable, one-sheet for potential agents.